Mason County has been greatly impacted by the opioid epidemic. We experienced an overdose death rate that was one of the most devastating in the state between 2012-2016.

The grants that Mason County has received and projects that we are currently working on are allowing us an opportunity to fight back in a way that is tailored specifically to what our county needs. However, this is not a fight against those using opioids or other drugs. This is a fight to provide options for those already in the throes of addiction, and to provide preventive measures to keep people from becoming addicted in the first place. It is a fight to keep people out of the legal system, and to help those that have already found themselves within it. This is a fight for the families that may feel like there aren’t any existing viable options; and a fight for those that may not have access to resources to navigate the systems already in place.

What can we do as individuals and as concerned community members? How do we join this fight? Education and awareness are a great starting point and that is the intent behind this web-site. Please, educate yourself on not only the problem we are facing here in Mason County, but the current solutions as well. Be aware of the difficulties that our community faces but also know that there are programs and resources, providing hope that have and will continue to impact the overall health and well-being of Mason County residents.

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